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And while everything past track four is essentially an inferior rehash of what's gone before, for 12 or 13 minutes Now You're Gone: The Album is pure pop bliss.

Anna heter hon, Och hon kan banna banna dig så hårt Hon röjer upp I våran kanal. Jag vill berätta föare dig att jag känner en bot, Som alltid vaktar alla som äare häare, Och som ser till att vi blir utan besväare. Men det finns inget som behöver förklaras, Föare I mina ögon äare hon alltid en bot Hon heter Anna.Twelve months on, the DJ better known as Basshunter is back and he's ready to unleash his more melodic-sounding Hi Jonas! "It's a beautiful day and it's great to be back in the UK. "How does the UK compare to other countries you visit around the world?This morning I've just been covering my webcams so that Digital Spy can't spy on me! "I've just been in Shagaluf for a couple of weeks relaxing. It is possible to just go out for dinner and then head back to the room to chill, but it doesn't ever happen in Shagaluf."Dota" lifts the entire chorus melody from "Daddy DJ" right down to the last cadence, while "Please Don't Go" and duet "I Miss You" mine the Stock, Aitken & Waterman production style for all it's worth.Where Basshunter succeeds, and others fail, is that he's got a genuine ear for an unforgettable melody.

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