Twin dating problems

No matter how long your pregnancy lasts, when you go into labor, your babies will be monitored closely to make sure you have the safest delivery possible.

More than 50% of twins are born preterm, and twin births have a higher risk of problems with the baby’s heartbeat and position.

Home video releases of Twin Peaks have had problems with rights management, most notably with the delayed DVD release of Season 2.

The pilot episode, first shown on TV in the US, was released on home video in Europe in 1989.

Lynch was so happy with the material that he incorporated part of it into the second episode of the regular series (that is, the third episode shown in the U.

Twins and triplets are more likely to be born early and need special care after birth than single babies.

It's a good idea to discuss your birth options with your midwife or consultant early on in your pregnancy.

Additional maternal and fetal tests may be required to screen for anomalies, such as TTTS and TRAP sequence. This specialized ultrasound of your babies’ hearts and blood vessels shows the flow of blood between the twins.

To monitor the size of your babies, along with their blood supply and amniotic fluid, your doctor will order repeat testing and ultrasounds throughout your pregnancy.

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