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After Dmitriy Manzhura spent about a decade building houses and accessory dwelling units in Seattle, his cousin Ed Gavrish told him Vancouver needed more rentals.

So, Manzhura bought a lot on Washington Street in the Carter Park neighborhood that used to be part of the parking lot at First Baptist Church. “People hate neighbors upstairs, neighbors to the side, all the noise.” Manzhura, through his company Vast Homes, recently applied to build a three-story house at H and 22nd streets that will have a groundfloor space that could be converted into an ADU.

We need to stop that as fast as we can.” “The proposed ordinance defines a short-term rental, the approvals required to operate a short-term rental, where short-term rentals can be operated, and which city approvals are required to operate a short-term rental,” Matthai Chakko, a spokesman for the city, said in an email. For example, violators can now be pursued for not obtaining a zoning certificate, not obtaining a business license and not obtaining land use approval.You may not have any idea of the impact you are having on the future of the city by providing tangible, current, relevant, and important material for those of us who have some space that we want to do right by.I feel as if I have an invaluable resource at hand whose skills and knowledge are “high road” variety.Many believe that those kinds of rentals have contributed to the housing shortage.“We’ve gone years letting large landlords take entire buildings and a sizable number of rental units off the market,” said City Councilman Kriss Worthington.…

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