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He tells that the focus of the site is not sex, but for people who are looking for a relationship.7currently boasts over 60,000 members and has led to many marriages and long-term relationships.She can’t possibly be the world’s leading authority on the quality of her own sex life when she spends so much of it concerning herself with things that aren’t the size of your schlong.Tell her that she can either start disliking sex with you right this instant and spend the rest of your lives discussing the nuances of your love noodle, or you’ll have to find a new girlfriend — one who has her penile priorities straight, which is to say, your penile as her top priority.Don’t let your girlfriend, the last person who would know, get away with pretending she is not actually super concerned with the literal dimensions of your penis.Girlfriends find no pastime more pleasant than reassuring their boyfriends about how sizeable their dicks are, and yours needs to own up to this nonsense she’s spouting about how she feels about her own sexual experiences.

Tonight we cooked dinner together, took the dogs to the park, and spooned on the couch whilst whispering sweet nothings and sharing our hopes and dreams.

just might have found the site for you – yes, a dating site for the well-endowed exists! Steve Pasternack, the creator of the website, joins the show to explain why he created this size-specific site.

He shares that members of the site are not screened to make sure they measure up and it operates on the honor system.

What would it be like to date someone who is not just short by social standards, but shorter than PLUS: Work on Your Grammar!

Or Get Rejected When Online Dating Despite all my questions, I jumped in, and I learned some truths and myths about what it’s really like to date a short man.

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