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That's right, Pam isn't a fan of your Tinder, your Bumble or your Grindr.

As a matter of fact, she thinks they're flat out “stupid.”You're probably thinking she's been trying her luck on these apps and failing, but you're wrong.

Pamela Anderson dating skating partner Matt Evers Pamela Anderson is dating her 'Dancing on Ice' partner Matt Evers.

First, the 49-year-old star and '90s badass said that she regrets her breast implants. Now, Pamela Anderson is making headlines for her latest disagreement… One thing has now been made abundantly clear — she is not a fan.

It is a romantic struggle — I love him for this,” Anderson concluded the post.

Assange is living at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has been granted asylum to avoid extradition to Sweden.

They arrived separately at the Shutters Hotel on Malibu Beach so no one would suspect anything and then had a few drinks in the bar.” The pair requested a hidden area in the corner – for two reasons. And second, it would have protected them from the dangerous melting effects of the Californian sunshine.

After all, there’s a fine line between looking hot and having a runny, bubbling face. Pamela was being her usual flirty self and Michael seemed to be responding.

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