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Oracle Web Cache supports the following forms of invalidation: and provides a useful way for origin servers to "piggyback" invalidation messages on HTTP responses sent to Oracle Web Cache.

Specifically, origin servers embed an XML invalidation document within the HTML of the response body using ESI tags.

As described in Section 6.7, you create expiration policies and associate them with caching rules to refresh content from the origin server.

Even with expiration policies, it is often difficult to predict when exactly content becomes stale.

If the widget changes however, it will become invalid and you will need to manually invalidate the cache which will throw it away essentially and force it to redraw on the next paint pass.

Anything that changes the visual appearance of the widget requires it to be invalidated.

With invalidation, Oracle Web Cache marks objects as invalid.Widgets that are wrapped with an Invalidation Box allows the child widget geometry to be cached to speed up Slate rendering.Any widgets that are cached by an Invalidation Box are not Prepassed, Ticked or Painted.In general, if you are looking to optimize your project, wrapping certain widgets with Invalidation Boxes may boost your performance (particularly for mobile projects or complicated UI displays).For widgets that do not change constantly, they can be placed inside an Invalidation Box and cached instead of considered during paint, tick or prepass.

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