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Their age determination is therefore of great importance in volcanologic, tectonic, geomorphological and climate studies.In this article, we propose the use of phreatic explosion deposits and xenolithic inclusions in lava flows as target materials for luminescence dating applications.We observed a partial decoupling of Fe and Ni in the black impact glass, probably due to partitioning of Ni into unoxidized metal droplets.The absence of a Ca-enriched component demonstrates that the craters did not penetrate the bedrock below the sand sheet, which has an estimated thickness of 20–30 m. and Blanchard, D P., Heterogeneous dissemination of projectile materials in the impact melts from Wabar crater, Saudi Arabia.

Proceedings Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 19th, pp. Photo shows what happened to ~99.99% of the incoming bolide: It was uniformly mixed to generate the ubiquitous "Wabar Glass", which is uniformly 90% local sand and 10% nickle-iron asteroid. Courtesy Jeff Wynn Hamann, C., Hecht, L., Ebert, M., Wirth, R., Chemical projectile-target interaction and liquid immischibility in impact glass from the Wabar Craters, Saudi Arabia. The very young Wabar craters formed by impact of an iron meteorite and are known to the scientific community since 1933.We describe field observations made during a visit to the Wabar impact site, provide analytical data on the material collected, and combine these data with poorly known information discovered during the recovery of the largest meteorites.

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