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When young Gary asks his aunt why she doesn't have children, Jill explains that she never married and that that's a prerequisite for having kids and a happy family.

Indeed, Jack has a loving relationship with his wife, Erin, and their kids.

But he balks at Erin's suggestion that he open up more to his sister.

Eventually, though, (with Pacino's help) Jack comes to an understanding of his special relationship with Jill.

She’s also overbearing, oblivious to social cues and () has unresolved incestuous feelings for her brother, which began in infancy when she would spoon Jack in their crib and rest her little hand on his rump.

Because at a Lakers game, Jill catches the eye of actor Al Pacino—the very man Jack is trying to woo for a Dunkin' Donuts commercial.

We switch to modern day where Jack is on the set of a commercial with Regis Philbin trying to sell Pepto-bismol.

Regis complains to Jack that the muppet who is co-starring in the commercial has funnier lines than him.

And he goes to great lengths to demonstrate his love for her.

The Sadelsteins' gardener, Felipe, invites Jill to his family picnic and publicly praises the members of his huge Mexican family. " There's a gag about Pacino (disguised in a full beard) looking like a rabbi.

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(MORE: See the Top 10 Cross-Dressing Movie Performances) Part of the film’s plot revolves around Jack’s attempts to find his lonely sister a non-family member to love/spoon, first on legitimate dating websites, then via Craigslist. ) All this matchmaking is hardly necessary, because Jack’s nice Mexican gardener Felipe (Eugenio Derbez) practically salivates over this beast.

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