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‘Comets always visit our skies – they’re these dirty snowballs of ice mixed with dust – but never before in history has material from a comet ever been found on Earth,’ said Professor David Block of Wits University, who led the research.After conducting chemical analyses on the pebble, the authors came to the conclusion that it represented the very first known hand specimen of a comet nucleus, rather than an unusual type of meteorite.‘Nasa and Esa spend billions of dollars collecting a few micrograms of comet material and bringing it back to Earth, and now we’ve got a radical new approach of studying this material, without spending billions of dollars collecting it,’ said Professor Kramers.In certain areas outside cats' native range, this has contributed, along with habitat destruction and other factors, to the extinction of many bird species.Cats have been known to extirpate a bird species within specific regions and may have contributed to the extinction of isolated island populations.It then proceeded to run the car over, which contained four gunmen and 100kg of explosives, while civilians could be seen fleeing for cover.As the tank retreated the car exploded in a huge ball of flame, sending a shockwave rippling through the desert.

We do not own, produce or host the videos displayed on this website.It reportedly killed more than 40 terrorists in a new campaign against them.A military source said soldiers were staying put in locations they cleared of the militants, rather than withdrawing as in past campaigns.Under controlled breeding, they can be bred and shown as registered pedigree pets, a hobby known as cat fancy.Failure to control the breeding of pet cats by neutering, as well as the abandonment of former household pets, has resulted in large numbers of feral cats worldwide, requiring population control.

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