Cost of updating electrical outlets

Our aim for the camper van electrical system is to be able to do without electrical hookups indefinitely, and to be able to be away from any power source for a day or two without much sun and without having to run the engine.

Add hidden costs such as non-productive labor, subcontracts, and other job expenses.The material on these pages describing our camper van conversion has been moved to our new new site dedicated to efficient RVs and camper vans.The new site covers all the material here and adds a lot of on other camper van conversions, camper van design and build, resources for people converting vans, other efficient camping vehicles, new ideas in efficient RVs and camper van travel hints. I'm leaving these pages here as you may have bookmarked them and the Comments section has some good suggestions, but I suggest that you go to the new site -- I won't be updating this material anymore.These are a great example of wiring that has outlived its effectiveness.Although both may still work, we have placed a large burden on wiring that was not intended for the electrical loads we place on them with a vast array of electrical appliances.

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